Help Jon Leibowitz Chairman  of the Federal Trade Commission put an end to spam once and for all.

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Can-Spam Act


Can Spam Act


 Anti spam orgs.

For the companies who wish to use our universal opt-out simply cut the TDNEL icon below and paste it on the bottom of your email body for future mailings.

Note: Each consumer submission to the universal opt-out system counts as a voluntarily vote to mandate the do not email list. Each vote will be submitted to the FTC as well as numerous lobbyist group.  Your vote will help solidify our anti-spam efforts. Also by using our service you are consenting that you would like us to act on your behalf to seek list removal remedies from various companies.

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Enter the email address that you would like to add to our opt-out database.

There are many opt-out sites on the internet and it can become a burden and time consuming to opt-out on many out list.  The founders of Antispam Group have come up with a much simpler alternative.  They have created a universal opt-out site.  This means consumers will only have to opt-out one time.

If by chance you receive any unsolicited email from an email marketer you can report this can-spam violation to the complaint link on this page.  There will be penalties that vary for each complaint.  You must forward the email violation to Please make sure you include the date and time stamp. 

This system is designed for marketers as well as consumers. Email marketers can cover themselves by scrubbing there mailing list against out opt-out database. 

Although you will see a reduction in the unsolicited mail you receive, not all commercial mail will stop. You may continue to receive mail from companies how have not scrubbed there list against our database.

There are other companies that have helped tremendously in the spam effort by implementing an opt-out list, one being the DMA’s MPS system. We must form a junction with all of these companies and solidify one database. We have included Cal Access links to various lobby groups if you would like to take a more hands on approach and join us in our efforts. Together we can assist  Deborah Platt and put an end to spam.

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Why are so many data hygiene companies offering our program as a supplemental service? We are a non-profit organization. We do not charge companies to scrub there lists against out data base. In fact to win the war on spam we encourage it.